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Dried Flower Wreaths
Handmade, Custom, Large

Large dried flower wreath example

Dried flower wreaths like the one above and those sold below are my first love and this section of my site is devoted to only wreaths made from real plant material that has been air dried or glycerin preserved.

I have been enamored with everlastings since I was very young. Although technically dead, they can be preserved in so many different ways that either prolongs the beauty they had in life or brings out a whole different look achieved only by the changes that occur after life is done. Dried flower wreaths have a distinctive, imperfect, varied look that only real plant material can provide. You will find wreaths made from everlastings in all of my categories at the tabs above, but this part of my site caters to those people who are "dried flower aficianados."

Although I can treat real dried flowers to withstand some exposure, it is obvious that full sun and exposure to harsh elements will deterioriate any wreath, and especially one made from real plant material. If you have full, harsh exposure, it is best to use a combo wreath - one that mixes real plant material with artificial, or even to go with all artificial. Nevertheless, I have been surprised more than once, when a repeat customer speaks of a former wreath of real dried plant material that is 5 or 6 years old and they have decided to replace it now, "even though it is still pretty."

If you want a wreath on these pages that has already sold, I can make a resonable facsimile.
Just click on this following link to contact me.

Custom Dried Flower Wreaths?
Yes, I will make one just for you.

Click here for the custom part of my site.

Or call 479-677-2679

Dried Flower Wreaths for Summer

large dried flower wreath
click on photo to enlarge

"Drieds And Tendrils"

This large dried flower wreath is made on a straw base with all air dried flowers and foliage. The foliage tendrils are feather fern. The flowers are blue larkspur, yellow and peach strawflowers, tallow berries, globe thistle, fibigia, red hydrangea, white amobium, and purple statice. All of the air dried ingredients are treated to resist fading, but for longest life, hang this wreath where it will be protected from sunlight or better still, inside.

Dried and Tendrils 28" ....$335.00

big wreath elephant symbol

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dried flower grapevine wreath
click on photo to enlarge

"Country Dried"

A dried flower grapevine full of real air dried flowers. The foliage is silk and the effect is very pleasing. Irregular in shape but still balanced, this wreath has the feel of country. Best hung in a protected place. If on a door - protected from sun and the elements (such as a porch). Inside is great too. Will make a big statement even though it is not huge.

Country Dried 22"
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fried flower heart wreath
click on photo to enlarge

"Antique Heart"

A grapevine wreath made with all tough artificials. Real looking fresh daisies, combine with poppy pods and berries on a background of ferns, complete with very real looking fiddleheads. The shape is oval. The feel is bright and happy. The color combination stands out while showing very good taste.

Antique Heart 20"x17".............$250.00

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dried flower floral heart wreath
click on photo to enlarge
"Dried Flower Fourth"

A July 4th wreath absolutely made from all real dried flowers. A funky heart shaped vine base is covered with an explosion of ribbon and all dried flowers, and accents. The colors are red, white, and blue. The flowers are treated to resist fading. This wreath needs protection from harsh exposure.

Dried Flower Fourth 18".................$226.00


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dried flower heart wreath
click on photo to enlarge

"Old Fashioned Heart"

A heart wreath that's made from the old fashioned true everlastings with tufts of preserved cedar throughout. Strawflowers, yarrow, statice, celosia, roses, and german statice all combine to make a glorious display. This wreath can also be done differently to get a more pastel feel. To get that, just call and order a custom.

Heart Wreath 24"
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flame wreath - "Forest and  Flowers"
click on photo to enlarge
This flame shape above can be made in any style. Order one custom made. It will come with the story of the flame found below.
"Forest & Flowers"

Flame Wreath - Not a happily ever after heart wreath, but a flame wreath, so symbolic of the reality of true love. Without fuel it's easily snuffed out. So we must develop the habit of finding fuel anywhere we can. This wreath is less flowery and more earthy. Naturalists will love it. A fir background supports cones, berries, fibigia seed pods, dogwood twigs, buddleia, globe amaranth, polished pebbles and 2 love birds at the center. This wreath style is great for a wedding, anniversary, or valentine gift. As a matter of fact, it can be used as fuel, for giving it would be an act of love.
big wreath elephant symbol

Forest & Flowers 24"...............$298.00
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The Flame Wreath
The Rest of the Love Story

This is a flame wreath. I believe a flame shape represents love better than the traditional heart. It's a symbol of the rest of the "love story." The part that lies beyond the popular concept of romantically finding that perfect person to be with "happily ever after."

You, of course, will notice the flame shape is an upside-down heart, and for good reason. Even in true love our hearts will be turned upside down at times.

But a flame begins with just a tiny spark which, if nurtured, will grow until it can't be snuffed out. Once it is burning strongly, it spreads and spreads. It will only die from lack of fuel.

When my husband and I camped, we knew how important it was to be always looking for fuel. Our evening campfire was so important. It dried our socks, cooked our meal, and cheered us at the end of a long day. What if we couldn't get the fire going? What if it rained and everything was wet? But with enough dry tinder we could even get wet wood to burn. So as we hiked along, we grabbed tinder and stuffed it into packs or pockets. Always there was something we could get with very little effort. Everywhere we went we looked, and every evening we had the makings of our flame.

Then we added the larger logs which of course were just as necessary. They held the blaze for a long time, so we could have time to do other important things.

Love is like that flame, and tinder is still the same. It's always easily found any place we go. A small consideration, a touch, a hug, a rub, a tiny gift, a note, a call, a smile. It's the tinder for the daily fire of love. And it doesn't hurt to do a little extra, in case there's more than one rainy day. No matter what the "weather," by always looking for tinder, we can always kindle a flame.

Of course the large logs are important too. They represent the deep, trusting qualities of a loving relationship that make it last and last. That deeper love frees and empowers us to be all that we can be. The logs won't burn without the tinder and the tinder does not last. It must constantly be renewed. So - both types of fuel are needed to keep the flame burning bright and long- the tiny tinder and the big logs - one constantly being renewed - the other deep and enduring.

This is a flame wreath - a way to remember the rest of the story.

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My floral designs are built for maximum visual impact and longevity, with every leaf, flower, vine or berry carefully chosen, preserved and placed to give you nothing but the highest of quality in floral wall decor.

If you are not satisfied with a purchase from the current offerings on my site, call me (1-479-677-2679) or email me ( to arrange for a replacement or a refund. To see the full refund policy, including that for custom work, go to the upper right of this page and click on "return policy."

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Large Wreaths?
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