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Easter Holiday Wreaths
Handmade for Homes of Distinction

All Unmatched Originals
Many in Large Sizes for Bigger Impact
(Look for the Green Elephants

My Holiday wreaths include this page of currently available Easter wreaths (unless marked "sold"), and of course I will custom make a special arrangement just for you. Just email or call toll free (1-800-8349879).

If you want a wreath on these pages that has already sold, I can make a resonable facsimile.
Just click on this following link to contact me.

Don't want an Easter wreath?
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Easter egg wreath
click on photo to enlarge

"Lavender Eggs"

Colored styrofoam easter eggs fill this sweet vine wreath along with tufts of light green latex eucalyptus, daffodils, and tiny purple accents. A lavender ribbon brings it all together.

Lavender Eggs 19" X 22" ......$138.00

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easter wreath of palm fronds and eggs and flowers
click on photo to enlarge

"Easter Eggs and Flowers"

This Easter Egg Wreath is a beautifully textured creation made from all fine silks and hand painted artificial eggs. Flowers of all kinds are interspersed among the natural looking speckled eggs, palm fronds and other foliage. This wreath is all artificial, so it is very tough and fade resistant - good for many seasons.

big wreath elephant symbol

Easter Eggs and Flowers

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Easter egg wreath
click on photo to enlarge

"Easter Egg Vine"

This darling easter wreath is dainty, and diminutive. A small coil of grapevine is stuffed with real hand dyed easter eggs artificial mini grapes(or berries), and silk hydrangeas. It's off-round shape makes it all the more appealing and gives it casual flair. The design is exquisite - great for easter, a gift, a child, a shower, or you!

Easter Egg Vine 19"........


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Click on the following link for another popular Easter wreath in my custom collection.
It is on the left - five rows down.

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photo of Sally
quality guarantee

My floral designs are built for maximum visual impact and longevity, with every leaf, flower, vine or berry carefully chosen, preserved and placed to give you nothing but the highest of quality in floral wall decor.

If you are not satisfied with a purchase from the current offerings on my site, call me (1-479-677-2679) or email me ( to arrange for a replacement or a refund. To see the full refund policy, including that for custom work, go to the upper right of this page and click on "return policy."

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Large Wreaths?
Look for the Green Elephants

big wreath elephant symbol
1 Elephant =
24" - 30"

2 Elephants =
30"- 36

3 Elephants =
Over 36"

custom work
custom work available

of 90

Need help determining the wreath size?
Click here!


If you see the "sold" sign, it means I haven't yet gotten around to replacing the item on this site. If you are just dying to have the item, call me and I can construct one similar as a custom wreath.

This symbol following a piece's name means that the wreath will do well as a door wreath where there is partial or sometimes even full exposure. Ask me to be sure.

The pictures of full wreaths, when shrunk, may seem crowded. Click for the enlargements.


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