Shipping charges are dependent upon the weight of the wreath, the size of the wreath box, where you live, and the type of service you wish. Most of my standard size boxes (up to a 31" wreath) are shipped by regular mail (insured) from my local post office here in our tiny town of Pettigrew, AR. With regular mail, arrival is in 5 - 10 business days and usually costs somewhere in the thirty dollar range. For faster service, ask for priority mail or FedEx. Your arangement will then arrive in 2 - 3 business days. For wreaths larger than 31", I use FedEx in Fayetteville, AR (50 miles away). My wreaths are zip tied directly to the box or a box insert, so they ship very well, and both shipping through the post office and through Fed Ex have proven reliable.


You can expect any arrangement out of my current offerings to arrive at your door step within 6 -11 business days from the time you order it. Custom orders will take only 7 to 10 days more, unless I'm backed up with lots of custom orders. In that case I'll contact you and let you know the status. I let you know on the phone or by e-mail when a package has shipped, so you will know when to expect it. My products are carefully zip tied directly to a sturdy custom made cardboard box (or a box insert designed for the purpose) reinforced to hold up under shipping. Instructions for deboxing the piece are included.

Damaged in Shipping

I insure all my shipments. Both the postal service and FedEx have been very reliable, but it is possible for something to arrived damaged. If that happens do nothing with the product. Do not ship the package back to me. Close the box up and call me (1-479-677-2679). Depending on how it was shipped, I will tell you the correct procedure for getting your money back or for getting a replacement undamaged wreath.

The Gardens

My wreath making began with my love of gardening - a way to celebrate it by creating from it. Now I purchase my floral supplies, but I still garden whenever I can.

Detailed Work

With mother nature as the first artist, I work to preserve and accentuate her original creations, and make floral designs that are both stunning in appearance and practical to use.

No Mass Production

My arrangements are all different. I don't like repetition. I can do a matched set or a copy if you want one, but otherwise all custom arrangements are unique and one of a kind.

Meet the Artist

Sally Marshall
Owner / Designer

Everlasting Life Decor is a one woman operation. Yes, the name does carry a double meaning. It reflects both what I originally grew and offered to my customers (dried flower arrangements made from everlastings), and my own personal belief that a beautiful life goes on even after death. Nature bears witness to it, at least in the plant kingdom. My art is a reflection of and inspired by nature. Customer demand has made me offer quality silks also, but my first love is Mother Nature's own creations.


Quality Guaranteed

My floral designs are built for maximum visual impact and longevity, with every leaf, flower, vine or berry carefully chosen, preserved and placed to give you nothing but the highest of quality in floral wall decor. If you are not satisfied with a purchase, call me at 1-479-677-2679 or email me. To see my refund policy CLICK HERE.